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tv   FOX 8 Saturday Early News  FOX  January 23, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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this morning a among that number is upcoming, the latest on the firing of coach david blatt..r at >> held at gunpoint, police looking for the men responsible for holding a gun towards head than stealing her car.he >> a warning about scams about a program that is meant to help kids in need. >> good morning . it is reverse lake effect snow for us, talk about that and what's going on with a blizzard of the latest on
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news ordered star trek to. resha logan that we do not get this east coast storm. >> good morning . thank you for waking up with us this morning . aj colby is joining us to fill us in on what we are missing. still coming down it will continue today andnd we have a little bit of lake effect, and it is extremely localized and
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wind out of the northeast . there is a little bit right there, the winds, at 20 mph, northeast, gusting up to 35 and 28 akron-canton . 23 degrees akron and 26 degrees cleveland . it feels like 12 degrees in cleveland .e looking at the storm system, snowfall coming down heavily, washington up to new york and philly . the system goes off by early tomorrow
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. almost 2 feet of snowfall, new york and and pennsylvania and . we'll find out if there is a more snowfall do with the full forecast around the corner she sentnt her off at the third-best team in the nba fires the head coach midway through the season but that's what the cavaliers did to coach david blatt jacinth led them to the nba finals in his first year but nowhe are moving top assistant will try to wait until the nba title as p.j. ziegler remark. >> david blatt under heavy scrutiny since scrutiny since named head coach in 2014, but friday he wasc fired after leaving the team to a 30 -- 11 record this
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of connectedness switchback david griffin called a team meeting friday to inform the players on the decision to fire the head coach. >> have a bunch of guys of guys who know what their job is that we have a businesslike group. >> many may point to the loss to the golden wires as the tipping point is back played the game by itself did that much, over time, you see the type of things that you want to doimee habitually starting to erode and sometimes you can't win games and actually be getting worse pinchback lebron james 88 huge hard to construct the roster but the decision to fire him was his alone. >> lebron james does not run this organization he is about
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>> am honored to have worked with an amazing group of players , tyronn lue takes over as the head coach . the highest-paid assistant in the nbahe an interview and interview for the coaching joban for the hurt david blatt. what he he has is different, but not to imply that different was bad. >> the cavaliers host the chicago bulls to my at the q., and have more on this developing story in sports. >> cavaliers fans have strong opinions about the surprise move to fire david blatt fire david blatt. >> the bottom line is they won a championship year in cleveland whatever that takes, kevin
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>> i did not know that they they fired they fired you. >> were spread quickly around downtown cleveland that the cavaliers hadadpr parted ways with head coach david blatt midseason . >> seems like a strange time for a coaching change but, it must be something, as long as they do betterme. >> i thought he did a good job to get us to the finals even though though they have a shortage of players, i was not expecting to hear this.> ev >> some someone or something embarrassingo loss to the golden state warriors on monday played a part of in the decision,n many believe that he still deserved a chancesi . >> become for me to come the first came together to get to the finals and we beat the warriors two games without our star players.t >> is again so to further coach, and the same thing with the browns, they fire, hire and fire , that's not a good decision . >> fans wonder how much of the
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the firinge. >> we got blown out by golden state but then the next two games we played good, seems like whatever lebron once it gets. >> we asked opinion on the new coach tyronn lue. >> still going outside the franchise, probably the best decision to keep it within the franchise.lyci >> i was surprised and and disappointed i and disappointed i thought he was a good coach but it is a bottom-line business and we've got to >> kevin freeman fox 8 news. >> stay with us for continuing coverage, you can also go to fox for a look back onon david blatt's time with the team. >> 85 million people are in the path of thehe east coast storm, showed showed up a little earlier than expecteded at dc on a friday they could have about 2 feet of snowfall, and seeing
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mid-atlantic, they were prepared for some but states like tennessee and north carolina are cleaning up after a combination of snow and ice. >> while the residents to stay in place during the duration of the stormre we don't want anybody to be driving during the blizzard, it is dangerous and also can prevent first responders and road crews from making roads safer. >> causing the cancellation of more than 7,000 flights, many people are stranded across the eastern seaboard. >> coming up later, and go to dc to see the latest on those conditions and you can get more updates on this massive winter storm adventure max scherzer a church that allows kids and cops and cops to have a fun filled day around christmas, people say eo that people generosity is being
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over the phone, melissa reid has more on a warning from the summit county sheriff department speaker received a call from a man who represents himself as from the summit county sheriff's officems respect of a man asking for a donation for the shop with a cop program. >> he explained a little bit about the programs they like to spend about $2 each job and wants to know if i would help and i said absolutely. >> is the property manager at east ohio properties in cuyahoga fallsro, he said the time of the caller caller to pick up the think of the money at his location. >> i got to thinking and i called the sheriff's sheriff's office to verify that they were running were running vista drive and of course they weren't. >> after he contacted them the summit county sheriff's office set up a sting in the office,
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pose as john to accept the money . >> we have a personal interest facing charges of impersonating officer and fraud. >> grayson county sheriff's office says that so far there are at least 40 victimser he says there may be more. >> our names have been using newscams using newscams jose tasking him when their said that they were the sheriff's office calling people said that they were going to get arrested because they did not show up for jury duty in. >> people need to be vigilant because they sheriff's office does shop with a cop and it's hard enough to collect for that legitimate charity is back melissa reid fox 8 news. >> investigators assess anybody who was contacted in 2016 by someone collecting for donations to colin. >> a daily carjacking his plea
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the stolen car, 11:00 a.m. a.m. friday the man a.m. friday in an approachable and the parking lot of dave's supermarket and ohio city, he stole her car at gunpoint, a couple bystandersrs tried to intervene when was hit by the car but he did not require medical care, the car is a 2,003 silver honda anybody with information should contact the cleveland police department. >> the police are looking for two suspects after a double homicide and a downtown apartment complex at the archer building on west ninth street in the warehouse district, they say that there was a large amount of marijuana found,, the video has been turned over to the police. >> how did snow plow and in the path of a play at hopkins incident investigation it happened sunday as airport crews were clearing off runways, 13
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on to met runway without clearance drove into the path of a passenger jet on takeoff, they cleared it without issue to the close call could have ended in tragedy, airport officials arehe investigating. >> the snow teams operating in the weather supposed to operate the seems that theth driver became disoriented and do not realize he was moving into an active runway areaea seems to be more of a human failing at this point.
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tragedy at a canadian school, five dead and two injured after a shooting,an at a north saskatchewan school, from pre-k to 12th grade about 900 students, people have not released any more information. >> this is, every parent's worst nightmare, when i spoke to the
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that they are really. >> the shooting occurred in a building housing high school students separate from the oc younger students, the gunman is in custodyr. >> parts of east coast could see about 2 feet of snowfall by the end of the weekend, states of emergency declared on the east coast, the snow has started blanketing washington dc and surrounding areas, north carolina has seen a the number of fatal accidents at least 5,000 flights have been canceled , including all saturday flights at some airports, mass transit service in washington and baltimore have been suspendedss for the weekend. >> john kasich men in action after a college student student is detained in north korea, asking the white house to secure the release of him, this dude is a native of cincinnati, north
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an unspecified hostile act while visiting the country, the state state department is investigating.t >> changes coming to the academy awards, the board of governors approved a series of reforms on friday oa it will significantly alter the academy's membership, but changes come after a diversity crisis erupted after the announcement of this year's acting nominees, they are all white, tear the goal is to double the number of female and minority membersnd by 2020 . aj colby joins us. >> good morning . this is nice and quiet here compared to what is happening. they are getting hammered, it will be improving, and for us,
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your . . . there is some good news, and we will share that with you in just a moment .sh here is what is happening, down south we can see the snowfall circulatingwe . it is light compared to out east, the poconos and out towards nyc they're getting hit with heavy snowfall . this is an interesting phenomenon, reverse lake effect snow, usually comes from the west and pushes it over snowbelt, you could call this thee secondary snow belt, the northeast wind take it down into ashland county, scattered snowflakes diminish quickly and
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9:00 p.m. tonight, a little more cloud cover but will still see some blue light was a blizzard warnings from them to dc . we are happy halfway point, climate speaking, for wintertime we are halfway through winter heading towards march 1, today it will brighten the bed and the next round of rain and snow showers early next week, the winds will increase tuesday, but not as cold still see some 20s
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40 degrees . 25 degrees brunswick and you see the snowflakes south and east of grafton and into ashland county, hudson, has 22 degrees and alliance 21 . today a high of 30 degrees . you will need to be bundling up with wind chills in the single digits . tonight partly cloudy, the winds north and then northwest at 10 -- 15 mph . extensive cloud cover, and tomorrow's high 34 partly cloudy , as the high pressure moves in and keeps our skies dry
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moreor suitable temperatures . which is about 34 which is the average high . ray snow-mix tuesday rain/snow mix tuesday, mid- 30s and maybe some lake effectw wednesday thursday per
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david griffin said he did not get any input from the playersrs g before making the decision friday. g >> when i reached the point that i do not believe that we were
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was a simple formula. >> tyronn lue is the new head coach, he was the highest paid assistant in the nba and intervieweded for the head coach job before david blatt was hired , he is the second youngest active head coach in the nba his first head coaching job, he worked with the celtics and clippers before coming to cleveland, tonight, the chicago bulls come two town, the cavaliers lost to them on the opening night of the season it will be the second game of the season for the two teams switch back the browns have the coaches , finalized as defensive coordinator and offensive coaching staff reported as black this back as the defensive
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but he hue jackson but in pep hamilton associate coach with al saunders working with the wide receivers . . we will, slammed slid by snowflakes, dc is virtually crippled by what
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winterstorm worsening . scott mclean joins us with the latest
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doing okay . it is coming down pretty heavily . show you, with the visibility is like . donald day you should be able to see the building but a chance . show you what the snow looks looks like it started to it is relatively light than they were expecting they worry worried that it would lay down power outages . they were expecting strong winds , but mostly, it's not very windy . right now they're trying to get the roads cleared . this
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timeis into tomorrow, about 1 foot snowfall on the ground, we could possibly double that before this is over. >> producing anybody walking around . what is the plan for monday square square square square dzhokahar, which is good is the message are getting across to stay home closed the metro here
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going to be pushing snow for a couple of days once the snowfall lets up, they want people to stay hunkered down . we're going to be pushing snow for a couple of days the capital will be shut down monday, the hope that maybe tuesday things are back to normal. these are very light snowflakes
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on, and there is lake effect, with northeast wind, and not expecting any accumulation, out of this . currently on radar, snowflakes towards dover/new philly over towards southwest va ,t it is light compared to the east coast, 28 lakefront with a windchill of 14 it feels like 12 at hopkins, the winterstorm is pulling out of the maritimes . and there is all of the snowfall , looking at that piling
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today, partly cloudy and tonight mid- 20s, mr. carter will be at the i. x. center between two and 4:00 p.m. with free calendars courtesy of window nation .. also dick goddard bobble head dolls . , school was canceled yesterday in a town, because of lead in the water supply, in sebring ohio, they say that seven out of 40 samples tested showed elevated levels of lead lead they seem a decent water from the treatment plant that cause medals to leach out of the supply pipes in older homes,
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drinking >> as think as much as for water , that you should be able to drink it, you pay a lot of money. >> they said results of the testing may not be back till monday, and they say that the water supply is not dangerous.nd >> somebody stole a snowfall from the church on the north coastst in the rain, it is a black 2,003 ford f-350 missing the tailgate, it is red and white, it was parked outside of the garage installing between tuesday night and wednesday wednesday morning he says he feels sorry for whoever did this the truckfe back and they explained the situation, we would do all they can to help,
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we will not press charges . we will actually try to help you the bible tells us to pray for your enemies. >> if you you know anything called the police. >> they're putting down pom-poms , the cheerleading squad has been suspended if the school is not so much about the mother of one of the cheerleader says her daughter has been targeted by bowling teammates as peggy gallek talk to her. >> obtained an e-mail sent two parents, notifying them that the cheerleading program at villa angela st. joseph high school is down suspended, another says ot it's due due to fights it happened at an away game this past weekend the. >> said the suspension time provide an opportunity to evaluate the measure by which they traveled,. >> who went to the diocese to speak to the superintendent eugene lawyer, he referred all
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principal.qu >> at the school, he was unable to talk on cameraw he said that he cannot comment. >> her daughter beltane drayer says there are several issues the team said her daughter was not with with them this weekend becauseth she has been bullied and like anybody to help attractb she wanted to end her life to get away from the department from the taunting, because at the end of the day, so hard to ignore to make the people aware and they put her in harm's way.s >> she says that she has called officials but has received no help she says disaster daughter has asked not to be but with two girls who have the laterbu but nobody listened.
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dropped. >> he says that cheerleading coaches told her that they felt that it was accidental. >> note has apologized for answer she was okay. >> they say that the school is aware and are handling thisis following school policy and have intervention specialist involved . >> i am fed up ridgeback peggy
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this is so quiet compared to the east coast . the streets in dc are empty. >> they were talking about not getting the wind because the storm is right over them . once the storm starts to move away they will get some. >> they still have the potential to get another foot of snow,i we have lucked out, do some light snowfall here have talked about the reverse lake effect and minorities the nor'easter picking up some moisture, and
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they're getting snowfall and ll accumulation . talk about the ice flow on lake erie, on the crib-cam it is tough to see any ice,it you have to stir up the water and that breaks it up and we see open waterbr but there was some ice carver on lake erie . to the east, it shows the lake effect . it is coming down hard over the big apple, that wraps to southeast pa lots of snowfall sn in the mountains andover two philadelphia .in you can see the
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strong and be seen . the brisk winds 26 hopkins and 23 akron-canton and john stone 21 tonight, the full wolf moon of
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occasional thinning clouds we will see some moonlight tonight the winds lighten up, you can save dade recount northwest eventually southwest tomorrow, will be a chill in the air, 34 degrees looking at the 8 -day outlook, looking at the maps, at the departing blizzard into the atlantic . formidably, back into the northerly flow with temperatures coming down with centers in the 20s and the lows in the teens with scattered
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wednesday and thursday . we don't have any importance weather systems to talk about here .. sheriff's deputy, dash-cam video, in oregon, of a 2-year-old on the middle of the highway, turns out that he slipped away from his parents,
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gathering at a nearbyan community center will be child walk through the open door, and was not injured, the sheriff's office shared the video as reminder to parents of how quickly things can go wrong, and two drivers to stay alert. case of he said she said . a texas woman claims she was told that her weight wouldx keep her ke from getting good tips as a waitress,et crystal harrington interviewed for a server job at a seafood restaurant,a she says a manager who interviewed her insinuated that larger electricity would have a hard time getting the same tips as their skinny counterparts she felt felt discriminated and turned down the job, the manager
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lie. ma >> i turn it down because i do not want to work for somebody like that,do because of my size, and do not want to work for you. >> she was incorrect,to she was offered the job, nothing was said about the size . >> the accusation got noticed after she wrote about it on facebook.i >> the new owner of owner of a home in kentucky will have a bizarre story because ofof an elephant buried in the backyard,e in a manly cells the louisville u home that she's lived in for more than 50 years,ha in 1966 the circus came two town and a 17 -year-old elephant drop dead just before the show, and her husband was a police officer who was called for help, she says that he got in a bulldozer and a buried in the elephant in his
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become an urban legend,t. she says that the homebuyer is aware of the elephant in hopes
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he is 104 and still going strong. >> anthony is not ready to put down hisis barber scissors and ron >> every barbershop is a community, but not everyone has
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benson on. >> i don't get tired,. >> a barber who has been at this since age of 12 and in a few weeks he will be 105. >> how are you going to celebrate? >> go to workh. >> he is still sharp and his hands are steady. >> he does a professional job he is a master barber. >> he is wonderful, he has a heart of goldnd he cares about his clientele and he cares about the people. >> is work and fantastic cuts in the winter that gives them purpose, with his 79-year-old son watching. >> he is in better shape than i am. >> hitler recognized by the
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world records as the world's oldest barbern he still works at least five days a week, he still drives, and still cuts his own hair. >> i cut it last night's.'s >> i. >> i was at? >> uniformed.> >> for 90 years and generations of customersrs he has relied on his hands and for retirement he relies on faith. >> the style and tool of the trade had changed but his simple grace remains timeless.
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